Fewer than one in 10 adults eating enough vegetables, report finds

Many of us were taught at an early age that vegetables are nutritional superstars, and we should be eating at least five serves per day.

But the latest Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) report has found most adults do not consume the recommended number of veggies.

In fact, fewer than one in 10 adults are eating enough greens each day: 96 per cent of men and 87 per cent of women do not eat enough vegetables.

So why has it gotten so bad?

There are several reasons why people are not including enough vegetables in their diet, and experts believe our busy lifestyle is one of them.

“Vegetables are not as much of a convenience food, if you are on the go or looking for really easy portable options, they don’t tend to be the first thing people reach for,” Accredited Sports Dietitian Gaye Rutherford said.

“Time constraints can sometimes become a barrier to eating meals or snacks with vegetables.”

Two women cutting fresh fruit and vegetables in a food truck smile down at the camera.
Emma Rowell from Family Food Patch (L) said frozen fruit or vegetables were a good way of not blowing the budget.(ABC News: Liz Gwynn)

The cost of fresh produce is also another reason why some people are ditching their healthy eating habits, and in other cases, it is because of a lack of access to fresh fruit or vegetables.

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