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Miriam Nyasha Kwari Herbalist

Hello friends and welcome to this week’s edition of our herbal space.

Diabetes is a disease in which diet control is a major target. There is need to ensure a nutritional balance that helps in the maintenance of body weight, to avoid sudden drops in blood sugar levels, (hypoglycemia) or sudden rise in sugar levels (hyperglycemia).

It is important to ensure that the diet includes a wide variety of foods that are complete, pleasing to the palate and adequate for the needs of each person.

I will provide a list of food items in order of importance at the end of this article, but before that here are some summarized friendly tips.


For all veggies, juicing is the way to go. It’s more user-friendly to your body, because of quick absorption. Veggies and fruits should make up a bigger part of the diet.

In the morning, take 2 glasses of water on an empty stomach as you wake up. Add a squeeze of lemon if available. Also add our DIABETES JUICE made from wild-pears and a combination of wild leaves that are God-made for this garlic.

Horseradish and golden seal maybe additionals to mention here. These herbs mentioned above have bulk excellent fiber that swells in the digestive tract as you take them in the morning before food.

In return, the swell helps the digestive tract to slowly absorb sugars from the food one takes. Thus the blood sugar is kept from spiking up and down rapidly. God’s plants have a way of working for both the high and low sugar levels as long as one takes them correctly.

There are plenty of trace minerals and zinc in the herbs that are helpful supplements for the start of the day for diabetics of either type.

Those whose diabetes is more advanced, circulatory herbs like cayenne pepper, cinnamon and turmeric are useful for the glands need to be balanced, the circulation improved and the kidneys strengthened in someone with diabetes.

I will be able to share this information some more in later editions. The herbs will help reduce your sugar levels significantly but safely early in the morning, so that when you later have something to eat, the levels will rise but not to crazy highs, but only to the acceptable ranges.

Diabetes user friendly shopping list starting from the most important.


Cabbage, spinach, broccoli, butternut, lettuce, covo, cauliflower, purple or red cabbage, cucumbers, peas, green beans, bell peppers, tomatoes, okra, carrots, mushrooms, pumpkins, beetroot, egg plant

Grains and Tubers

Sweet potatoes, red sorghum, yarns, zviyo, traditional brown rice, quinoa (red or white), oats, witabix, muesli, cassava.


Avocados, plums, watermelon, seed grapes, apples, pears, bananas, pineapples, mango


Nut seeds.

Milk products

Prefer vegetable milk


Eggs, Fish, Chicken, Pork

There are recommended daily servings. A normal fist occupies approximately the same volume as a cup.

Also remember to take Graviola. It is an immune booster and tonic that everyone, including diabetes patients need. Eat and drink to fill but most importantly also to heal.

God bless.

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